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Thank you for taking the time to visit. I specialize in growing brands, the optimization of product value from launch to completion, the execution of national campaigns, mobile tours, trainings & dealership audits.

Feel free to take a look around my career highlights & client history, read the interesting details about me & find out more on why you should hire me.

I have helped launch new product lines for some of the world’s most recognizable brands in order to bring the marketing visions to life; from lifestyle to automotive to airline to sports, music & technology products. Skilled in managing cross-functional teams, demonstrating exceptional communication skills, making critical decisions during challenges, & working with third party marketing agencies to execute integrated programs. My experience & expertise shows in my work ethic and willingness to work hard towards the common goal. I am eager to learn and tackle new assignments, as well as new roles & responsibilities.

Highly ambitious with a verifiable track record of increasing leads generated, product interactions, resulting in increased sales & profits through savvy product management. I have executed campaigns for more than 33 sports/music/technology brands, 18 automotive brands, 43 lifestyle/food/beverage brands, & 4 insurance/banking brands. I am skilled in all aspects of educating consumers on new products, educating brands on customer retention, & helping to facilitate key messaging with the overall objective – to bring the brand vision to life. I am an articulate spokesperson with an uncompromising work ethic & the ability to effectively communicate while having a firm grasp of corporate messaging and branding.

As a result of marketing plans not always translating into real life when executed, I have learned to adapt to an ever changing market. If hired, I can guarantee that I will work hard to learn the role and upgrade your company as well as the brand presenting my best face to clients. I can both do the work and deliver exceptional results in the process. I have never yet met a task that I could not complete. I am currently available for both full-time employment & freelance assignments. You may contact me here.

Thank you for visiting.