Body of Work

Messaging meets experience.

Marketing Experience

I have helped launch new product lines for some of the world’s most recognizable brands in order to bring the marketing visions to life, from lifestyle to automotive to airline to sports, music & technology products. I am skilled in managing cross-functional teams, demonstrating exceptional communication skills, making critical decisions during challenges, & working with marketing agencies to execute integrated programs. My experience & expertise shows in my work ethic and willingness to work hard towards the common goal.

Highly ambitious with a verifiable track record of increasing leads generated, product interactions, resulting in increased sales & profits through savvy product management. I have executed campaigns for more hundreds of brands.

I am skilled in all aspects of educating consumers on new products, educating brands on customer retention, & helping to facilitate key messaging with the overall objective – to bring the brand vision to life. I have an uncompromising work ethic & the ability to effectively communicate while having a firm grasp of corporate messaging and branding.

I have learned to adapt to an ever changing market, & have never yet met a task that I could not complete.

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Integrated Marketing

Played a vital role in delivering age sensitive brand messaging to large crowds in the execution of the campaign.

Set energetic social tones by establishing work plans, delegating assignments, optimizing team performance, & properly managing event foot traffic.

Integrated brand strategy for multi million dollar product launches in order to increase brand value and raise awareness of brand messaging.

National Campaigns

Trained & managed up to 20 temporary staff members per city & up to 6 volunteers at a time.

Coordinated pre-event site check visits, event production, logistics, client meetings, the scheduling of labor ready staff, & generated reports.

Implemented the market launch of new brands across multiple platforms.

Most successful campaign to date: Assisted in the implementation of a $350 million multi year initiative. Executed & managed the 52-city tour over the course of 130 event dates with 16,327 foot traffic engagements.

Organizational Development

I am highly organized with strong attention to detail, easily moving from vision and strategy to hands-on implementation.

Created detailed reports with spreadsheets to establish marketing tracking methods to help evaluate the performance overtime.

Worked with Program Managers to efficiently conduct in-dealership audits for 53+ via a 73-point standard system for customer retention & increased sales improving customer satisfaction in Southeastern market.


Marcia as a valuable, highly dedicated and motivated individual. Any company should count themselves lucky to have an employee as bright, friendly and committed as Marcia. As the Sr. Program Manager, I was Marcia’s direct manager while she was employed on a freelance basis. I had the opportunity to spend time with her in person out in the field and was thoroughly impressed by her detail oriented, analytical perspective. What also stood out to me were her approachable people skills and leadership qualities. She has a very effective way to communicate on all levels and explain complex ideas or processes in a customized and targeted way to reach her audience – whoever it may be.

Marcia has an extensive background of the automotive industry and understands the ins and outs of customer focused improvement plans. If she is confronted with new tasks or material to learn, she commits to the fullest to learn and widen her horizon. She has a natural desire to improve and continuously bring her performance to the next level.

Marcia is a pleasure to work with and I can say with confidence that she is on top of my list for future projects and I would be happy to have her back on my team any day.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the above address.

Meike Battle
Sr. Program Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marcia for more than 12 years, during which we worked together on multiple experiential marketing campaigns for AT&T, Geico, DIRECTV, Allstate, as well as a multitude of sporting events. In those 12 years, I’ve seen her not only excel at the core requirements of her job – experiential campaign execution & client/vendor management – but also other tasks that extended well beyond what was required of her, like mentoring staff & crisis management. As a team member or a leader, she earns my highest recommendation. The great thing about her is that she demonstrates not only a great work ethic and dedication to doing what she is tasked with, but also, she has the ability to take on new roles & projects that are both difficult and critical to the company’s growth. We were faced with many challenges in the projects we worked together on but no matter what arose whether it was weather damage to assets or a conflict within the team, Marcia was a key part in coming up with solutions. She is bright, reliable, hardworking, & a natural leader with great organizational skills. She would be a true asset for any position within the Marketing field & beyond. Based on my experience in working closely with her, I fully recommend her as I believe she would be a deserving candidate for future leadership positions.

— Eddie Martin, Jr.
Senior Experiential Marketing Manager