txtrDriven professional with career spanning experience in the implementation and management of marketing campaigns working with Fortune 500 companies & Fortune 100 marketing firms.

I offer an extensive background in field marketing, national campaigns, mobile tours, trainings & marketing management, easily moving from vision and strategy to hands-on implementation.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.12.34 AM.pngI am passionate about the environment. Ever since I was young I’ve loved to play in the dirt and plant seeds to watch them grow. My parents taught me how to garden, the value of recycling and sustainability.

I am also passionate about government, law, & policy. In my free time I read about the subject matter of both in order to get new insight on the things around us that shape who we are today.


20140927_144453I have traveled the world since I was very young. I have an adventurous spirit. The opportunity to explore other cultures, countries and people have enriched my life in ways I can’t put into words. Travel has changed my perspective of how I both view and approach the world. Every time I travel whether for work nationally or leisurely abroad, I learn something new, meet new friends and form lasting bonds/relationships with people I may have never met before. The experience of travel has given me a fearlessness in the way I approach both everyday life and the programs I am hired to execute.

Active throughout my life, track & field, softball and basketball were the sports I played for several years until graduating from college. Some of my most memorable work projects have been the ones circled around athletics. I can relate to the brand experience both as an athlete and a consumer.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.33.44 AM.png


I volunteer in my spare time with many different organizations in & around Atlanta. I believe it is important to give back to the communities that shape who we are. Every little bit counts. I am also a proud member of the Georgia State Alumni Association.

I am always exploring new opportunities for growth both in & out of the marketing industry. I look forward to the endless new & exciting possibilities that the future holds.




Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to get to know me. I look forward to getting to know more about your company & how we can work together in the future for the greater good of surrounding communities.

Best Regards!!